At the Labraki Private Diagnostic Laboratories G.P. based in Moiras, Heraklion, Crete, a number of valid and reliable examinations are carried out, using latest technology equipment.

Blood tests

Through blood tests, we get a picture of the overall functioning of our body.

Biochemical tests

Biochemical tests detect any malfunctions of the solid organs of our body, as well as its metabolic disorder.

Microbiological tests

With contemporary analyzers and accredited scientific methods, our microbiological laboratory performs a multitude of tests.

Immune tests

Immunological tests allow us to detect infections or malfunctions of the immune system.

Hormone tests

Hormone tests measure the concentration of hormones produced by our body’s endocrine glands

Neoplastic –
Cancer markers

Neoplastic – Cancer markers are proteins produced by cancer cells in the body, or by healthy cells.

Prenatal checkup

Prenatal checkup includes all the tests recommended during pregnancy, with the aim of early diagnosis of diseases.

Special tests

In our diagnostic center, special tests are performed for the prevention and early diagnosis of many diseases.

Allergen Test( RAST)

The allergen test, also known as RAST test, is performed with the aim of diagnosing allergies.

Level of medicines and drugs in our bodies.

In our diagnostic center, drug tests are carried out that check the level of medicines and drugs in our bodies.